An Advanced Electrosurgical Energy Wave developed for Surgery and Endoscopy that Simultaneously Cuts, Ablates and Coagulates biological tissues.



with GIMSSTM OS – “Graphical Integrated Management Surgical System” Operating System

The XL-1000’s Home Screen allows you to quickly navigate thru the various menus – whether it’s the Quick Start to the procedure screen, surgeon specific data, procedural apps, even the Help menu

The Quick Start procedure menu is Clear and Concise – ALL of the procedure setting are easy to adjust and easy to read from across the room.

Changing the Cut, Coag and Bipolar MODE is a touch away and includes a quick explanation of the Mode’s effect on tissue.

Creating Custom Profiles for surgeons to store procedure preferences is fast and easy with the on-screen keyboard.

The Surgical Apps screen gives you access common starting settings to 16 different surgical specialties.

The XL-1000’s Integrated S.M.A.R.T. Safety Features don’t just tell you there’s a problem – they tell you how to correct it!


Features Include:

  • Single Unit Integrating High-Frequency Electrosurgical Energy With Plasma Technology
    • Canady Hybrid Plasma™
    • Canady Hybrid Plasma™ Pulse Cut
    • Argon Plasma Coagulation
    • Standard Monopolar And Bipolar Functions
  • High Definition Touchscreen With Wide-View Angle and 12.1” Surface Display
  • GIMSS™ (Graphical Interface Management Surgical System) Smart Operating System
  • TISC System (Tissue Impedence Sensitive Control) provides Dynamic Power For All Types Of Tissue
  • Customized Surgical Apps with Memory Storage Capacity For Up To 1000 Surgeon Preference Profiles
  • Smart PPM System – Automatically Monitors Contact Resistance Between Patient and Plate
  • Sentinel Power Surge Protection
  • Interactive Support System and Online Guided Tutorial
  • Auto Stop Function
  • Power Level Adjustment Through Touch Screen
  • Adjustable Argon Flow between 0-6 liters per minute
  • Precise Flow Control
  • Power Activation through Foot Pedal and Scalpels

Canady Hybrid PlasmaTM Scalpel

Utilizing USMI’s electrosurgical plasma system (Canady Plasma®), The Canady Hybrid Plasma™ Scalpel delivers a Hybrid Plasma beam less than 1.0mm in diameter and a depth of injury as low as 0.1mm, integrating a high frequency monopolar current with an inert plasma gas that simultaneously cuts and coagulates biological tissue while maintaining a temperature of approximately 98℉ (37℃) or less.

The Canady Hybrid Plasma™ Scalpel may help to decrease tissue damage, blood loss, surgical time, transfusion rates and total knee replacement tourniquet use.


  • Interchangeable flexible & rigid tips for multiple surgical applications
  • Ergonomically designed for easy use
  • One turn to lock in tips (Smart Dock)
  • Non-slip rubber grip on handpiece for comfort


  • No tourniquet required for knee replacement
  • Significant reduction in intraoperative blood loss
  • Decrease in transfusion rates

Canady Plasma® Probes for
Flexible Endoscopy & Bronchoscopy

Can be used in multiple treatment applications including, but not limited to ablation of Barrett’s esophagus, radiation proctitis and Bariatric overstitch.


Canady Hybrid PlasmaTM, CHP Pulse Cut, Argon Plasma Coagulation, Standard Cut and Coagulation

Canady Plasma® Side Fire Probe



What is Canady Hybrid Plasma Technology?

Canady Hybrid Plasma technology uniquely combines argon plasma gas with monopolar electrocautery energy to simultaneously and precisely cut and coagulate tissue at a significantly lower temperature than conventional electrosurgery devices.

We believe that our single-use, disposable Hybrid Plasma products improve surgical procedures and patient outcomes by enabling surgeons to substantially reduce blood loss and the need for hemostatic agents and blood transfusions during and after surgery, resulting in better patient outcomes, lower operating time and cost savings to hospitals and payors.

Our Hybrid Plasma devices were approved and launched in the United States in 2014 and are currently being used in over 100 hospitals in a wide variety of orthopedic, breast, spine, neuro, plastic and oncology surgeries. To date, we believe our devices have been used in over 50,000 surgical procedures.

Less blood loss

A clinical study by Dr. George Guild has shown, “the use of the hybrid plasma scalpel resulted in significantly less blood loss and transfusions than the bipolar sealer. Additionally, patients treated with the hybrid plasma scalpel had significantly shorter operative times and reduced hospital length of stay.”1

Minimal depth of injury

The Canady Hybrid PlasmaTM Scalpel can deliver a precise beam less than 1.0mm in diameter and a depth of injury as low as 0.1mm.2

Benefits to Surgeons

The reduced temperature of the Canady Hybrid Plasma™ Scalpel tip means less tissue injury.2

No tourniquet required for knee joint replacement.3

Significant reduction in post-operative drainage.1

Benefits to Patients

Less tissue injury amounts to less post-op pain, decreased swelling and quicker patient healing.2

Patients experience faster recovery rates allowing them to return to their normal lifestyles in less time.1

1. George N. Guild III, MD, Robert P. Runner, MD et al, Efficacy of Hybrid Plasma Scalpel in Reducing Blood Loss and Transfusions in Direct Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty, Journal of Arthroplasty, 2016 Aug 10.

2. Characterization of Plasma Parameters and Tissue Injury Produced by Plasma Electrosurgical Systems. J. Canady, M.D., A. Shashurin, M.D., K. Wiley, M.D., Fisch, PhD., M. Keidar, PhD Pages 279-289 DOI: 10.1615/PlasmaMed.2014011979

3. Based on USMI records, internal data and doctors’ observations