The First Cold Atmospheric Plasma Phase I Clinical Trial for the Treatment of Advanced Solid Tumors: A Novel Treatment Arm for Cancer

Jul 20, 2023

Jerome Canady, Saravana R. K. Murthy, Taisen Zhuang, Steven Gitelis, Aviram Nissan, Lawan Ly, Olivia Z. Jones, Xiaoqian Cheng, Mohammad Adileh, Alan T. Blank, Matthew W. Colman, Kieth Millikan, Cristina O’Donoghue, Kerstin M. Stenson, Karen Ohara, Gal Schtrechman, Michael Keidar, and Giacomo Basadonna
It is estimated that 65% of solid tumor resections result in residual microscopic tumor cells at the surgical margin, which contributes to local recurrence and poor survival despite advancements in cancer therapies. Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP), a unique form of physical plasma, has emerged as a promising medical technology. Canady Helios Cold Plasma (CHCP) is a novel CAP device investigated in the first phase I clinical study with the primary goal of demonstrating safety. Promising findings demonstrated the device’s ability to control residual disease and improve patient survival. Ex vivo experiments on patient tissue samples showed CHCP-induced cancer cell death without harming normal cells. These results present CHCP as a safe and effective treatment in combination with surgery, providing a new avenue for controlling microscopic residual cancerous cells at the surgical margin.