JCRI-ABTS and USMI Successfully Complete Phase 1 Multi-Center Clinical Trial Using Canady Helios™ Cold Plasma for the Treatment of Cancer

Apr 20, 2021

TAKOMA PARK, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Jerome Canady Research Institute for Advanced Biological and Technological Sciences, LLC (JCRI-ABTS) and US Medical Innovations, LLC (USMI) announced today that they have successfully completed Phase 1 in their Clinical Trial using Canady Helios™ Cold Plasma (CHCP) for the treatment of recurrent and stage 4 solid tumors (IDE #G190195). The medical centers involved in the study were Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois (Principal Investigator, Steven Gitelis, MD) and Sheba Medical Center, in Tel HaShomer, Israel (Principal Investigator, Aviram Nissan, MD).

“Our Primary Objective was to establish the safety and efficacy of our Canady Helios™ Cold Plasma (CHCP) on human neoplastic tissues.”

USMI is the first company in the world to integrate a high frequency electrosurgical generator and plasma gas to deliver a CHCP for the selective treatment of cancer. This novel non-thermal process (24-27o C) has been developed for treating solid cancerous tumors. After the surgeon removes the cancerous tumor during surgery, CHCP is subsequently sprayed at the surgical margins to target any remaining cancerous tissue or cells, thus reducing the chances of cancer recurrence.

According to Jerome Canady, MD and USMI’s CEO (Sponsor Investigator), “Our Primary Objective was to establish the safety and efficacy of our Canady Helios™ Cold Plasma (CHCP) on human neoplastic tissues.”

“We are very happy to report that the first phase of the Clinical Trial has been successfully completed with no adverse effects and we expect this product to not only be proven safe, but also proven effective in ablating cancer cells in the surgical tumor margins and macroscopic tumor sites.”

Dr. Canady continued, “Unlike Chemo and Radiation Therapy, the Canady Helios™ Cold Plasma Therapy has many advantages. It is performed during the surgical procedure. It is highly selective because it only targets cancer cells without damaging surrounding healthy tissue. And thirdly, CHCP is personalized for your specific cancer type.”

Through 20 surgical cancer procedures, Canady Helios™ Cold Plasma has been used safely with no side effects and is expected to be one of the most promising cancer treatments developed in recent times.


JCRI-ABTS is a state-of-the-art BSL 2 translational molecular research laboratory focusing on Plasma Oncotherapeutics (a new cancer treatment modality) using Canady Helios™ Cold Plasma to investigate the potential of Cold Atmospheric Plasma to selectively treat cancer.

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