Japanese Patent Office Issues Decision to Grant Patent for USMI’s Canady Hybrid Plasma™ Technology

Feb 9, 2016

TAKOMA PARK, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–US Medical Innovations, LLC (USMI), a U.S.-based biomedical device specification manufacturing company and subsidiary of US Patent Innovations, LLC (USPI), announces the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) decision to grant USPI’s patent for the Canady Hybrid Plasma™ (CHP) technology in Japan (JPO Patent Application No. 2013-537802 for “System and method for electrosurgical conductive gas cutting for improving eschar, sealing vessels and tissues”). CHP simultaneously cuts and coagulates biological tissue, and is the primary intellectual property behind the Canady Hybrid Plasma™ Scalpel (CHPS), a revolutionary device now beginning to secure a strong initial foothold in the U.S. surgical market. This approval by the JPO represents an important milestone for the company’s pending plans for international distribution.

“System and method for electrosurgical conductive gas cutting for improving eschar, sealing vessels and tissues”

The US FDA-registered CHPS is a smart multi-functional electrosurgical handpiece, which delivers a precise beam less than 1.0mm in diameter and a depth of injury as low as 0.1mm. The technology behind the CHPS decreases tissue damage, perioperative blood loss, operative time, blood transfusion rates, and helps surgeons perform total knee replacements without the use of a tourniquet. For more information, click here. The CHPS incorporates four separate operating modes: hybrid plasma, argon plasma coagulation, conventional monopolar cut and coagulation, which can be used in a range of subspecialties, such as cardiovascular surgery, endoscopy, ENT, general surgery, gynecology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, plastics, surgical oncology, thoracic surgery and dermatology.

Jerome Canady, M.D., CEO, commented, “The JPO patent grant provides critical intellectual property approval and protection for our products as we prepare to launch the company’s new sales program for the Japanese market, a landmark step in our global expansion strategy.”

About US Medical Innovations

US Medical Innovations, LLC (USMI) is a private FDA registered U.S. biomedical device specification manufacturing company founded by surgeon and inventor, Jerome Canady, M.D. USMI’s focus is developing advanced, innovative and affordable plasma electrosurgical devices. USMI’s products are designed for ambulatory and inpatient endoscopy centers as well as complex surgical procedures.

About US Patent Innovations

US Patent Innovations, LLC (USPI), USMI’s parent company, is a private investor-owned US company founded by Jerome Canady, M.D. USPI has over 120 partners, whose main focus is to invest in new and innovative technologies in the fields of electrosurgery, plasma medicine and surgical devices.

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