US Medical Innovations Announces Plans for New Robotic Surgical System

Oct 23, 2015

TAKOMA PARK, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–US Patent Innovations, LLC, filed for patent protection (United States Patent and Trademark Office) on the Canady RoboTM Surgical Systems with robotic surgical mini-invasive accessories. The new robotic system does not require a large console in an adjacent room or bedside within the OR, such as those required by the current Surgical Robots on the US market.

US Medical Innovations announces robotic surgical system for use with mini-invasive instruments; used within the OR and can use 3-D optics.

The system may be used with flexible and rigid mini-invasive instruments. The surgical instruments will have 7 degrees of freedom, 360 degrees of articulation, and Canady Flex Lapo WristTM motion and finger tip control. Surgical instruments for use with the System will be compatible with any single port system on the market. This innovation will allow surgeons to operate the robotic surgical system at the operating table, leveraging an approach common to current laparoscopic products on the market. The robotic system will also integrate 3-D optic technologies via the new Canady PanOptesTM systems.

About US Medical Innovations

US Medical Innovations, LLC (USMI), an innovate leader in the field of plasma technology for the eradication of cancer, is a private FDA registered U.S. biomedical device specification manufacturing company founded by surgeon and inventor, Dr. Jerome Canady. USMI’s focus is developing advanced, innovative and affordable plasma electrosurgical devices. The company’s products are designed for ambulatory and inpatient endoscopy centers as well as complex surgical procedures.

About the Canady Hybrid Plasma™ Scalpel

The Canady Hybrid Plasma™ Scalpel is the first multifunctional electrosurgical scalpel in the world allowing a surgeon to simultaneously cut and coagulate through biological tissue at a temperature of less than 98°F, significantly reducing intraoperative blood loss and operative time, improving wound healing, minimizing the length of stay for the patient, and reducing the risk of hospital acquired infections.

US Medical Innovations, LLC
Alicia Woodley, Esq.
General Counsel, VP of Marketing