US Patent Innovations, LLC Opens State-Of-The-Art Scientific Research Facility To Advance Uses Of Plasma Technology And Techniques In Medicine

Nov 14, 2014

TAKOMA PARK, Md., Nov. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — US Patent Innovations, LLC (USPI) today announced
the opening of its state-of-the-art research laboratory facility, through its newest affiliate, the Jerome Canady
Research Institute for Advanced Biological and Technological Sciences, Benefit LLC (JCRI)
, an in-house
clinical research hub specializing in the fields of Biomedical, Proteomics, Molecular Biology, Regenerative and
Translational Biology.

JCRI composes part of USPI’s new 45,000 square-foot Canady Innovation Center (CIC), which houses a
cross-functional team of global scientists, physicians, clinicians, healthcare professionals and engineers who
collaborate to create new innovative plasma devices. JCRI’s mission is to bring forward plasma-based
technologies and techniques in biomedical research and regenerative biology in the pursuit of the eradication
of cancer and other systemic diseases.

“Conducting on-site research with a team of leaders in healthcare, science and technology that share my
passion and commitment to the eradication of cancer is a remarkable accomplishment,” said JCRI CEO, Chief
Science Officer and biomedical device inventor, Jerome Canady, MD. “The research we’re conducting will
address important questions in plasma medicine and will enable plasma researchers to use newer
therapeutics in the prevention, management and treatment of cancer and other diseases with high mortality

The JCRI facility utilizes cutting-edge technology to effectively conduct research in Molecular and
Translational Biology, Microscopy, Personalized Cancer Therapy, and Proteomics. The laboratory’s in-house
scientists and engineers collaborate with physicians and surgeons to accelerate the development of new
plasma-based devices that can transfigure medicine and dramatically improve patient outcomes.

“It’s an honor to work alongside Dr. Canady and to lead this astonishing team of researchers and scientists,”
said Dr. Arpitha Parthasarathy, PhD, Director, JCRI. “Under Dr. Canady’s guidance, our team is applying its
collective knowledge of translational and molecular biology towards the greater goal of bringing plasma
research to the forefront of cancer management, and perhaps one day, its cure.”

The Canady Innovation Center (CIC) is the first facility of its kind, housing a family of four affiliates within one
facility. In addition to JCRI, these affiliates include USPI subsidiaries; Canady Biotechnology, LLC
(Manufacturing), Canady Robotics, LLC (Robotic Products), and Plasma Medicine Life Sciences, LLC (Device
Design & Development).

About US Patent Innovations

US Patent Innovations, LLC (USPI) is a private investor-owned US company founded by Jerome Canady, MD.
USPI has over 100 members, whose main focus is to invest in new and innovative technologies in the fields of
electrosurgery and plasma medicine.

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